Welcome to gateway4labs’s documentation!

Welcome to the gateway4labs project documentation. Gateway4labs is a Go-Lab initiative on which relies its Smart Gateway for integrating external laboratories.


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This section should be understandable by everybody. It should reflect the rationale, the features, but should not contains deployment, etc

User’s Guide

This section should contains how to deploy each system. For the LabManager, what options are there available, etc., and how to connect each component.

PLE/LMS/PLE administrators

A document for each supported LMS -e.g. any LTI, Moodle <= 2.1 through plug-in, Moodle 1.9 through plug-in, .LRN, etc. I would be fine with refering to the doc of each LMS/CMS/PLE plug-in repository

Remote laboratory administrators

A document for each supported RLMS, refering to the doc available in each RLMS repository


A document for instructors: how to download the SCORM objects, where from, how to edit them, etc.


Generic documentation about how to create a new RLMS plug-in, how to support a new LMS which does not support LTI, and few little documentation about the internals of the LabManager

Professional services

LabsLand provides professional services on top of gateway4labs, such as consultancy services.